Concrete Seal

Concrete Seal

Fast Drying ( 15-45 mins)
Chemical resistant
Dries with gloss
Reduces alkalinity
Easy to clean and maintain Contains alkaline scavengers.

Concrete Seal

The Concrete Sealer can be applied on an existing sealer with the possible application of sand screening. Ultimately, with the discovery of 'Bottom Up Drying', the Concrete Sealer has elegantly provided the combination of true high performance with strict environmental safety standards all into one product. 

- High Performance

-Water Resistance when curing

-Can walk on for easy repairs

These special polymers have been specially designed to adhere to the concrete without acid etching. Therefore, the main durability strength of the Concrete Sealer is its resistance to UV rays, hydro carbon fuels, oils, strong acids, strong caustics, detergents, abrasion and mildew.

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